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It all starts with a great website. A desktop website and a companion mobile website (that's formatted for smartphone users) give your business the platform you need ... a foundation to connect and engage with your current (and future) customers.


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Social media isn't only for engaging with your customers, it's also a way to spread your message and get your company recognized. By adding social media -- with the right graphics & images -- you'll strengthen your company's brand across multiple platforms.


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With YouTube second only to Google in the search engines, you want to be where your customers are on the web ... and they're watching video. Adding video to your website and creating a YouTube Channel for your business are two effective strategies.


Comprehensive web consulting services :: desktop websites | companion mobile websites
social media marketing | video marketing | powerbranding | graphics | copywriting | e-publishing

Businesses that want to take control of their online marketing. With the user-friendly technology that's available, it's easier than ever ... and you don't need to know how to code anything. Ask me how.

Small- to medium-sized businesses are usually the best fit. Typically, they don't have an in-house technology department that can create and maintain their online presence.

I can help you elevate your presence and get your business noticed on the web. How?
:: Website Creation or Re-Creation ... both desktop and companion mobile sites.
:: Power Branding across social media platforms ... taking your business's logo and images and creating a cohesive, recognizable brand.
:: Video Marketing.

:: Graphics.
:: Copywriting.
:: ePublishing.

Now is the perfect time.

With people (your customers and potential customers) of all ages gravitating to the web to search for products and services and connecting with social media, that's where you want to be with your business.

It's where you need to be.

I'm a one-man band of sorts. My skill set includes a broad range of abilities. This means greater efficiency to execute projects and tasks for you and your business. Faster project completion.

Blessed with a very curious mind, once engaged with a company or industry, I enjoy the challenge of researching and learning about it ... always from the customer's perspective. Essential to get a company's message across.

UPDATES :: a blog about Web Marketing for Business

Periodic posts about developments, strategies, ideas, and new concepts for the business owner who wants more information about marketing online.

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