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What past clients say:

Sandi Helgerson | Executive Director | Dubuque Arboretum | DubuqueArboretum.net

DubuqueArboretum-WThe backstory about the Dubuque Arboretum’s website redesign.
Soon after Sandi Helgerson was hired as Executive Director at the Arboretum, I contacted her about updating the organization’s website … a website that had been in existence for some time, but that was in need of a more modern look.

The solution. A WordPress-based platform that features a lot of images throughout the site, giving web visitors a preview of what to expect as a walk-in visitor. The site also highlights the wedding venues available throughout the Arboretum’s property … a revenue-producing component of this remarkable all-volunteer Arboretum.

The result. A beautiful website that showcases an amazing physical property and the many benefits it offers to the community-at-large: updated calendars list information about musical performances held on the property, workshops, family parties, and invitations to visit.

Sandi Helgerson’s comments:

Sandi-HelgersonCustomer service and response times were amazing. Working with Glory made me feel like I had a friend in my corner who was looking out for the Arboretum’s interests. Our regular meetings allowed us to make progress on a regular basis and brainstorm ideas that would meet the goals we had for the website. Glory always went the extra mile in watching out for ways to improve and enhance our site. Glory is a self-starter. We had a problem with our site not showing up on the first page when we were searched for in Google. She found ways to make us a #1 listing on the first page and continues to enhance our site. Glory is friendly, professional and listens carefully to what your goals are with a site. You will get more than you pay for as Glory gives you added value of her time even when she isn’t “on the clock.” We are extremely pleased with our website. We receive many compliments about the beauty and easy use of our site. We have also increased revenue through our online giving options as well as number of wedding requests here at the Arboretum.


Ralph Winter | Owner | Guinea Farm | GuineaFarm.com

GuineaFarm-2The backstory about Guinea Farm’s website redesign. I had heard that Ralph Winter was looking to update his business website … a website that he had used, without much revision, since 2002. So during the fall of 2013, I approached Ralph with the idea of a modern design that would showcase his products in a very visual way. In addition to a website redesign, Ralph wanted to incorporate an eCommerce function.

The solution. A WordPress-based platform that supports an image-heavy home page and incorporates an eCommerce function, using a WordPress plugin: WooCommerce.

The result. A user-friendly website that sixtysomething Ralph updates himself; sales reports that will become more meaningful as his first year progresses; an easy, secure shopping experience for customers.

Ralph Winter’s comments:

Ralph-Winter-RoundI wanted to have an interactive website so I could make changes and make updates on availability of product. We worked very well together. You were very receptive to my needs on the website, and no challenge was too big. Quick response. Never giving up on a problem, I wanted some pretty specific features and you came through … a popular design of the website with Word Press. I would recommend you to anyone because of innovative design. The website works wonderfully. Early sales have tripled. You helped me put my website in a position to grow my business. You were very responsive to all my needs and wants on the website and I thank you for a great job, done right. Well done.



Doug Dolter | Owner | Dubuque Mattress | DubuqueMattressFactory.com

DubuqueMattressFactory-WThe backstory about Dubuque Mattress Factory’s website design. I had heard a radio spot about Dubuque Mattress’ new building and location, so stopped in to visit with Doug Dolter about his business and website. I had already checked online for an existing site and had discovered an incomplete, poor representation of this wonderful local business.

The solution. A WordPress-based platform that offers potential customers the content they need to make an informed decision about a mattress purchase.

The result. A user-friendly website — Doug and his staff will be able to add their own blog posts — and a site that organizes a lot of information about Dubuque Mattress’s product line. Quite a bit of video was incorporated for those interested in self-educating before visiting the Dubuque Mattress Factory Showroom.

Doug Dolter’s comments:


Glory Hougham … is very professional and truly cares about the end-product. We couldn’t have done it without her. If you need help with anything web-based, you can visit her at GloryHougham.com. Thank you, Glory. [More to come.]





Mari Sterr and Hillary Koetz | Wedding Floral Design Team | HandPickd { just for you } | HandPickd4u.com

HandPickd4u-WThe backstory about the HandPickd website redesign. Mari Sterr is a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We ran into each other one day and, while catching up, realized we had some common ground. She and her business partner, Hillary Koetz, had been talking about changing their web presence and I had the skill set and tools to offer them some options.

The solution. A very modern WordPress-based design  that gives Mari and Hillary’s business a clean, classic, timeless look to showcase their beautiful, cutting edge floral designs.

The result. A one-page web design with a parallax effect, featuring their most important components: a design showcase, testimonials from very satisfied clients, a bio area reflecting the expertise of the designers, and contact information to schedule a consultation.  [This beautiful site is also currently featured on developer Themify’s Showcase page.]

Mari Sterr’s and Hillary Koetz’s comments:

Mari Sterr-RoundHillary-Round-pngWell, we have a new friend. Also, Glory is very invested in what she does, very honest, and truly talented in her field. She has a pleasant personality and was always very prompt about responding to questions and concerns we had. She’s knowledgeable in her field, reliable, and well worth the money.

Our new website that she designed for us has been huge with new bridal inquiries. Best thing we did was to modernize our look and add a Contact Us page! [By late September 2014, we were already 4 months ahead of the previous year’s bookings.] Thanks so much for your support in the success of our business!