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Video Marketing

Why do video marketing?

With YouTube second only to Google in its use as a search engine, businesses need to add video to their marketing arsenal.

Isn’t video marketing expensive?

Some forms of video marketing — especially live action, which often requires extensive and time-consuming editing — are quite expensive: sometimes thousands of dollars to create one video.

Are there affordable options for video marketing?

Absolutely. There are a number of other very cost-effective options to deliver your marketing message with video. Cost? Hundreds of dollars vs. thousands of dollars.

View the sample videos below, then call (563.663.1796) or email (info@GloryHougham.com) to talk about video marketing options for your business.



PREVIEW Monmouth All-Sports Camp Christmas Gift

PREVIEW Life’s a Feast Corporate Catering

PREVIEW Coin Shop and Cellphone Repair

PREVIEW Career Champions Consulting

PREVIEW Swat River Tours

PREVIEW Fan Gumbo (What’s your story?)

PREVIEW Beecher’s Ice Cream

PREVIEW Cindy Stecher | Realtor

PREVIEW Tycoga Wedding Venue

PREVIEW Revland Gallery

PREVIEW Family Beer and Liquor

PREVIEW Dubuque Dream Center (Volunteer | Give)


If you’re already doing radio advertising for your business, why not leverage already-created audio and re-purpose it? Use it in video. A client of mine is quite prolific on local radio. Below is one of his 30-second radio spots converted to video:



Here are two more cost-effective video marketing options:

This one further reinforces a company brand by featuring a logo overlay in the upper right-hand corner that’s also clickable. [Try it.]




Is video really that powerful?

Yes. Video is a powerhouse … no matter the platform. See below for details: YouTube vs. Vimeo.

Infographic about video as powerhouse